Kenneth Cole

About Company

Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. is an American fashion house that was founded in 1982 by Kenneth Cole and Sam Edelman.

They have been 14 years in business with a presence in four countries of Latin America, including Panama, Peru, Salvador, and the Dominican Republic. They are going to open in Honduras soon.

About the Problem

Shopify is a popular platform that has most of the features an aspiring entrepreneur needs. You don’t need to be a programmer to set up a new online store “out of the box” and then expand by adding new integrations.

However, as the company grows, Shopify’s built-in features start to fall short. For example, Shopify supports only one product warehouse, and for a business that expands to several cities, this becomes a problem: new warehouses cannot be added to Shopify, and product balances between different warehouses are not synchronized. ERP systems are used to solve this problem, but they, in turn, do not know how to work with Shopify.

This leads to losses for business: If a product is out of stock, but the ERP system is not synchronized, the product is displayed on the site, and the customer places the order, but can’t get delivery. Or the purchase price of the item changes but doesn’t have time to sync with the price on the site. In any case, this leads to an inability to make the sale, or to customer dissatisfaction.

“DevCube is very responsible and attentive. They never say no to anything.”

Paola Cordoba, Regional Director and Chief Business Officer

Our Solution

Developed an integration in order to integrate ERP system with the Shopify platform
Developed an intergration between Shopify and shippers
Set up a notification service for the customer to receive notifications when the delivery status changes


The integration with the ERP system helps direct the customer’s order to the closest warehouse that has the product he needs, synchronize product inventories with the main database, send the customer the product by delivery service, and notify him of the delivery status via email and SMS.

DevCube can not only develop and launch the store but also solve the problem of the client’s Enterprise, developing integrations of any level of complexity. Our clients can choose from a list of ready-made solutions, which we adapt to a private user case, or they can order an integration that is developed from scratch to meet the client’s specific needs.

The Final Results

The result is a smart service that makes the entire process from customer order to parcel delivery seamless and, in most cases, requires no operator intervention.

One of the highlights of the development is that customer does not have to do the products manually. They upload the references in the CSV file and it brings all the information needed into a Shopify format file.


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