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Services we provide

Web and Mobile Applications

We transform your ideas into intuitive, lightweight and easy-to-use mobile and web applications that keep potential customers focused on you and your product. We ensure everything works flawlessly across the devices regardless of their size and platform

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DevCube has a wealth of experience in API development and integration as well as in related areas like creating complex SaaS solutions, all this together with web and mobile applications. We offer microservices API integration solutions that integrate with your entire operations infrastructure

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Predefined Projects

Go through the list of our specified service packages and discover what specific projects the DevCube team is excellent at. Browse and buy predefined projects in just a few clicks!

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We build e-commerce websites that meet your goals, attract visitors, increase conversion rate, and generate sales. Shopify, WordPress, or custom e-commerce website — we will develop an engaging eStore that will present your customers with an intuitive and scalable shopping experience. We are experts in the latest cloud-based tools, platforms, and technologies, and we can take your e-commerce business to the next level

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We make DevOps adoption easy to allow you to build and deliver software faster. Our DevOps certified experts and solutions help you achieve agile automation and deploy updates that respond to your business needs and development. We provide you with safe, seamless, and rapid migration of your workloads to the cloud platforms.

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Staff Augmentation

Our staff augmentation services exist to help you complete specific projects or tasks within your company. For different reasons, you might find yourself in a situation where completing a project will require extra talent. So, instead of fully hiring talent that might become a liability once the project is completed, we augment your existing staff for only a required period of time. Once we understand your needs, we provide you with the professionals with the desired skillset that are fully available at your service.

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Why you should work with us

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    On Shore & Off Shore Team

    High quality code, great communication, time zone compatibility, productivity, and self sufficiency – all about us.

  • On Demand Expertise

    Do not want to waste your time searching a senior software engineer? DevCube can provide the best onshore talent in 1-2 weeks.

  • Deep Bench

    Over 60 of our software professionals can handle even the largest, most complex projects.

  • 30 – 50% Less Expensive

    You get professional software development at a significant discount over our competitors thanks to our lean operations and onshore remote model.



Paola Cordoba
Paola Cordoba
Retail Manager at Kenneth Cole

The client’s success leans on DevCube’s strong development work. They reduced the customer services complaints by 70%. The team is communicative, reliable, and delivers work as expected to improve the client’s customer satisfaction. DevCube is very responsible and attentive. They never say no to anything.

Jan. 2020 – Ongoing
Jason McReynolds
Jason McReynolds
Founder, Fran Metrics

DevCube’s software has helped the client ramp up their marketing efforts and sign major contracts. The software has received wonderful feedback from the end clients. The team’s responsiveness and attention to detail make them a great team to work with.

May 2020 – Ongoing

Igor Kapelnikov
Igor Kapelnikov
CEO, Global Forwarding Enterprises LLC

– What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

– They deliver their promises and do not overcharge the bill.

Jan. 2020 – Ongoing

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Our customers

  • Shopify
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  • Backend & Frontend Drupal
  • Amazon Web Services, PHP, MySQL, integration with Google Maps, integration with Cognito Forms API, integration with PowerBI Laravel
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    Monthly Maintenance, Support (AWS)
  • Amazon Web Services, React Native, Mobile app, jQuery, API, PHP, Angular, JavaScript
  • PHP Laravel Performance Optimization, API, JavaScript, AWS
  • Puff bar logo
    Database Optimization, JavaScript, PHP, Amazon, Web Services, DevOps
  • Faros AI logo
    Airbyte, Node.JS, TypeScript, Python, Docker, GitHub

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United States

New Jersey Office200 Craig Road, Manalapan, NJ 07726

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Kiev OfficeVolodymyrska St, 51A, 02000

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Rehovot OfficeEli Horovitz St 19, 7608802

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