DevCube for Rebuilding and Improving Logistics and Insurance App

Tech stack: JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Amazon Web Services, Zoho CRM, Yii2

Global Forwarding Enterprises is a logistics company that specializes in transportation, supply chain, and warehouse management.

When Global Forwarding Enterprises contacted DevCube, they have already had a working system. Our team got the task to improve the existing system and to add more functionality and to make this system easy to maintain.

DevCube’s software development team had analyzed the source code of the existing system and prepared an improvement plan. Those suggestions rebuilt the system, and it helped to increase system work speed and stability. Using top-notch UI/UX practices made the system more clear and structured. Additional functionality helped users to complete applications quickly and correctly.

Thus, the updated business tool simplified business workflow and still helping Global Forwarding Enterprises to provide the best services in their scope.


See the feedback and more details from the customer of this project here:

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