Tech stack: PHP 7.1, Docker, MySQL, Laravel 5.4, JavaScript , jQuery, HTML, CSS, AWS, API.

CoolFrames is an online store for eyeglass frames. The company’s traffic was constantly dropping and customers were leaving the site without completing their purchases. More than 80% of the visitors would usually leave the site without waiting for the page to fully load.

Our Approach

We audited the site and saw that the site had been under development for 12 years, and even then it wasn’t designed to scale. Any new feature was starting to affect the overall performance – for example, adding a new eyewear brand was causing all the other brands to slow down. The client was in a situation where any modification to the site would further reduce sales.

Our Solution

The outdated media formats, unoptimized databases, and backend were just the tip of the iceberg. The problem was in the architecture of the site in which the product sections of the site were in the same environment as the basic functions (shopping cart, payment) that were affecting each other’s performance. We completely solved this problem.

We redesigned the architecture of the website, logically separating basic functionality and features. Now the client can add new product features and not worry about search speed or page loading.
Introduced a modern photo and video compression service, reducing the size of images and videos by a factor of 10. The site is now faster to load and better indexed by search engines.
We reduced the number of requests to the database and increased the search speed by using Redis technology, the site is now fast, it became easier to search for products and add them to the cart.
We refactored the entire backend to work with the latest versions of Laravel. The code became clear and compatible with modern technologies. The site became easier to maintain.
We developed 30 scrapers to update CoolFrames database with the latest products description and images. Scrappers execute every day to keep the database with the most updated product information.
We have optimized a shopping cart feature.
We have moved the website to AWS while ensuring security, scalability, flexibility, and cost savings.


The number of visitors to the site have increased by 50% in the first two months after the upgrade. The share of SEO traffic increased by 60%. The server load has decreased: requests to databases have decreased by 80%. The site is actively working and scaling, new features are not reflected in the overall run time.


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